Why I Share Our Story

I have received numerous messages on Instagram recently asking why I share our story. I mean, after all, I post a varied amount of content, whether it’s positive things or negatives. Sharing our story was a natural transition from when I updated about my pregnancy over on my Instagram. Many people who followed there and read about the complications we had during the pregnancy wanted to know how we got on. After a discussion I had with the psychologist in the NICU, I decided to set Finding My Feet up. I wanted a safe place to discuss what was going on for myself and Jack. There was a lot of trauma and uncertainty when I was pregnant and it has continued since then.

I needed an outlet. Somewhere I could express how I was feeling about our situation. No one expects to find themselves in this situation and for a long time, I found it difficult to process what was happening.

Ten months on, I’m still struggling. I’m still having panic attacks. I’m still waking up after having nightmares. I still feel panic shooting through my body every time I hear an ambulance drive past. I’m still dizzy and have sparkles in my eyes.

Rest assured, I have been checked out, lots of times, the doctors keep telling me that it’s stress. I’ve also recently been told that it could also be a symptom of PTSD, I’ve not started my trauma therapy yet so maybe it will improve once I’ve worked through a few things.

I’m not posting this for sympathy or for people to feel sorry for me. I don’t need that! I’m sharing our journey because Jack is amazing. What he will go through, will be truly extraordinary. I want to raise Jack not be ashamed of who he is and what he’s been through. He is a fighter and I hope that you continue to follow our journey so you can see just how amazing he is too.

In the future, I’m looking into doing some kind of fundraising for Evelina, they saved Jack’s life and I will be forever grateful to them.

Much love,

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