My Journey Home – Book Review

My journey home is such a raw, honest and inspirational story. It follows Hannah’s struggles with rape, homelessness, mental health struggles, and a journey to find her love of surfing.

From the moment I started this book, I knew that it was going to be a hard-hitting story. I was left feeling shocked and changed after finishing the book. It breaks my heart to think that someone has been subjected to things so cruel.

This book is a true testament to the strength and greatness that Hannah has. To overcome the struggles and challenges that she has is just remarkable.

Reading about how Hannah’s journey started and what started as such an innocent friendship that quickly turned, and I think it’s fair to say, destroyed and tore Hannah’s life apart.

Despite bringing tears to my eyes, My Journey Home is an inspirational read and I would strongly recommend it for people to give a read.

Find Hannah’s social handles here:
BUY HER BOOK on Amazon and be sure to leave a review.

Much love,
Hannah x

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