Why I Share Our Story

I have received numerous messages on Instagram recently asking why I share our story. I mean, after all, I post a varied amount of content, whether it’s positive things or negatives. Sharing our story was a natural transition from when I updated about my pregnancy over on my Instagram. Many people who followed there and … Continue reading Why I Share Our Story

I’m Starting Therapy

A couple of weeks ago I had an assessment with one of my local trauma therapists. I will be starting trauma therapy in April. One of the reasons I wanted to set this blog up was for me to have an outlet to talk openly about motherhood and about being a first time mum to … Continue reading I’m Starting Therapy

Bedtime Stories

I love reading and I wanted to include reading to Jack into his bedtime routine. We’ve started taking Jack up to bed earlier. At around 7:30pm we take him upstairs and change his nappy before picking out a few books to read. I like to sit on our rocking chair and have Jack sat upright … Continue reading Bedtime Stories

8 Month Update

Happy 8 months old baby Jack, what an eventful 8 months it’s been! We are really seeing Jack’s cheeky personality come out now. He is a very determined and curious little boy. He can be very sensitive at times and isn’t afraid of letting us know when he isn’t happy about something. Whether thats a … Continue reading 8 Month Update


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