Bedtime Stories

I love reading and I wanted to include reading to Jack into his bedtime routine. We’ve started taking Jack up to bed earlier. At around 7:30pm we take him upstairs and change his nappy before picking out a few books to read. I like to sit on our rocking chair and have Jack sat upright so he can see the pictures.

The books I mostly read to Jack are Winnie The Pooh and Tigger, The Snowman (which we bought for Jack as an early Christmas gift) and Guess How Much I Love You. He loves being read to, he looks up at me as I read and I can really tell that he’s listening. Other times he tries to grab hold of the book and is more interested in hitting the pages. Either way it’s nice to spend a bit of time before bed reading stories.

I can’t wait to buy more books for Jack to add to his collection. I’m really hoping he grows up and loves to read.

What books do you love to read to your little ones?

Much love,
Hannah x