SALT Assessment: March 2021

A few days ago Jack had a SALT assessment. It was a really positive appointment! 

We tried Jack on blended pear with a little bit of green food colouring mixed in it.

The SALT team were confident they heard numerous swallows so this is great news! Jack didn’t need any extra suctioning and what we did suction out was of normal colour (not green – we put food colouring in to see if he was aspirating) there was signs of him swallowing the blended pear so we were very happy to hear that! 

We have been told that he has to ingest 15ml of blended food orally to qualify for a fluoroscopy. We will be practicing every day with him. So hopefully we will be at that point soon. 

We have been trying him on bits of pear everyday so he can get used to the textures and tastes.

Thank you for following our journey.

Much love,
Hannah x