Tape Changes

Everyday we change Jack’s tapes (the velcro strap that keeps his tracheostomy in place) On average it can take us around 6 or 7 minutes from start to finish. Sometimes it can take longer if we need to keep stopping to suction or occasionally Jack manages to get one of his arms out of the swaddle blanket we use. We’ve had lots of practice so we’ve gotten used the challenges that occur during the changes.

Every two weeks we change Jack’s tracheostomy tube and put a clean and sterile one in. I will talk more about this in a different post.

Every week (usually on Sunday’s) I restock and prepare all the tape change bags for the coming week. I feel that this just helps the process move a bit quicker. Jack doesn’t like the changes, and I would prefer to be doing other things. This just helps us get a head start on getting it over and done with.

Here’s what I put in each bag:

  • x2 packs of gawze (1 for cleaning, 1 for drying)
  • x1 dressing
  • x1 posey foam trach velcro tie
  • x1 swedish nose
  • x1 sissors
  • medihoney barrier cream
  • 10ml ampoule of 0.9% sodium chloride

Many thanks for following our journey so far. I post daily over on my Instagram if you’re interesting in seeing more of our day to day life.


Much love,
Hannah x